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Creative Services

I offer a wide variety of design services to suit your needs for both print and digital platforms. See something you need, but not listed? Do you have specific design questions? Wanna be friends? Shoot me a request and let's talk!

Logo Design & Typography

Sure you could use a program to automate a logo for you, but why would you want to do that? I believe type alone can make for a beautiful logo and when paired tastefully with a logomark that best represents you, nothing beats that!

Packaging Design

Packaging is just another tool in my kit. I do the research, the math and produce the most innovative design you could imagine. I'm also mindful of what gets sent to our landfills! Considering our planet when creating packaging comes first and foremost.

Photography & Photo Editing

Product photography? You got it. Candid portraits? Oh you bet! I may not be photogenic at all, but I can capture the real moments in life. To witness the pure joy and love humans show. And to top it off, I will even edit the photos when I'm done!

Full Brand Identity

I specialize in understanding what makes you special among your peers, because who is more unique than you! When looking at the full spectrum of a design, I focus on what's best to define who you are and your branding needs.

Web Design

We all look at websites daily, but do you know what it takes to design a beautiful one? No? Well I do. I know the ins and outs on how to design a seamless experience for the user. Let's go on a journey to showcase the best of your brand together!

Illustration & Animation

I've always loved drawing, even when those drawings are just scribbles on a piece of paper. Pairing that passion with my graphic design and 2D animation techniques is a dream come true. And yes, since you were wondering there are more Adventures of Peanut & Butter in the works.

What people are saying...

Hayley is a ray of sunshine with a warm smile, upbeat attitude and ability to make those around her laugh. Her diligent communication skills combined with ability to listen to the requirements allows her to produce excellent deliverables. She has assisted with several branding campaigns and her ideas and collaboration have been integral. Hayley’s devotion and wiliness to commit the time and energy to her work contributes to successful initiatives.

Dan Federspiel,  Assistant Manager & Head of Construction

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